Time 2 Grow

There comes a time in all of our lives when we have no other choice but to grow or remain stuck. We must begin to come out of our shells and walk in total confidence knowing that God will cover and protect us. As I am finishing up Epiphanies which is a book that I have had under my belt for three years I am finally learning how to embrace my truth, my disabilities, struggles, strengths and walk within truth without worrying about how others feel and think.

This is the season to be you flawed and all!

Time to Grow….

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Peace & Blessings,

Deidra Rossell Wright




Healing Flo’s Community Give Back Tip List 

1). Select a school off of the list below and sponsor a trip for a class, or grade level to a theater or something art related. (Students are often left behind at schools are unable to plan field trips due to funding so this would really help…If you need help with writing up your request for donating or sponsoring a field trip for students I will post one on this blog.. REQUEST what you want the money to go to and there is nothing wrong with asking for receipts and guess what? It’s tax deductible!!!

2). Sponsor music lessons, tutoring, dance lessons, or graphic design classes for a student this year. Contact the school and ask if there is a mother or father you can help out who is really dedicated but might lack funds to support additional activities for their children and be a blessing.. If you need some suggestions I have some as well just email me @prayplanpush@gmail.com

3). Select a school off of the list below and donate  school box ( a teachers supply store) gift certificates to a grade level or the entire school. IT’S TAX DEDUCTIBLE and needed…

4). Donate a playground–Boy you should see the playground at the school listed below.. it’s horrible…….

5). PRAY like never before that these students at the school listed before are covered, protected, and educated like never before during this school year. Pray that the teachers receive favor, love, and have patience and love like never before. Pray for a refreshing like never before.

6). Just as I have created a blog about a community school that is at need. You should do the same…..

Send a Special Blessing to These Schools

Columbia Elementary School 

3230 Columbia Woods Dr

Decatur, GA 30032

(678) 874-0702

Columbia Middle School

3001 Columbia Dr, Decatur, GA 30034

(678) 875-0500

Peace & Blessings,

Min. Deidra Rossell Wright



Get Your Belief Back!

You can be moving rapidly on a road towards total recovery, greatness and peace and then doubt enters into your spirit and once again you fall away from trusting in GOD and moving by faith due to that dreadful fear dwindling within you. So, why does this happen? Well, it is simple you come up against a storm and you take your eyes off of Jesus and put it on the situation, ailment, and assumed set back.

Peter was following Jesus and as soon as the wind picked up he lost trust and faith and begin to sink……When we get a little turmoil, a little ache in our body, a little stress we panic and take our eyes off of our Lord and Savior and we begin to sink due to doubt. Somebody reading this is going through a storm right now and things are out of balance but I encourage you to keep your eyes on The Lord and fear not you are just fine..

Matthew 14:28- 31 ” And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

29 And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

Don’t doubt the blessing that God has blessed you with. Don’t even entertain it. Just walk in FAITH and PRAY…

With Love,

Min. Deidra Wright



Faith Rebound

Hebrews 11:1

” Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

It’s time to clean and rid your environment of all toxic entities; faithlessness. You have big faith but you are around those who either can’t stand your light out of jealousy and fear, or those that are too much into this world to understand your FAITH FILLED FLOW…But I want you to block messy and toxic thinking out and continue to walk in faith and obedience to God and never let somebody take your faith away; your relationship with God; our father. It’s time to get a faith rebound and below are five easy steps to getting it back…

1). STOP SHARING YOUR PLANS WITH DOUBTERS; FAITHLESS FOLKS– This pollutes your faith as your passion and fire begins to get tossed out due to the words these doubters speak to you..STOP SHARING!!!

2). PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE-You have to constantly stay in prayer and praising God mode. The more your praise God and stay in the light and away from darkness the stronger you become and trust me I know that sometimes you don’t feel like praying or praising because the storm is so intense. I pray that God will continually put a song of praise in your heart, and inner ears.

3). CONTINUE MOVING-Whatever it is you are praying for rather it be a relationship, reconciliation, a new business, a healed heart, sanity, joy, happiness, finding your purpose just KEEP MOVING towards it and praying along the way..Don’t stop and get caught up in figuring out the how’s, and why’s, just pray and keep organically moving.

4). GET OUT OF THE WAY-Get your stagnant thinking and pessimistic thinking and over thinking self out of the way. I am glad you asked how is this possible.You must pray for God to heal your mind of negative thinking, and stalled thinking and by FAITH God will move on your behalf. Now, don’t get alarmed if God moves you away from some people, habits, and environments…just be thankful and keep moving.

5). OBEDIENCE- This really should have been the first one on the list. But remember that we all must be obedient to the will of God and follow God before anything else.

For further References on Obedience: CHECK OUT THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND THE COMMANDMENT TO LOVE OTHERS AS WE LOVE OURSELVES and move accordingly, repent, pray, and push….

With Love,

Min. Deidra Rossell Wright

Developing Healthy Eating Habits in the World of GMO’s

Fresh, truly organic, and toxic free food is simply the best for your mind, body and spirit but it is becoming virtually impossible to find food without a bunch of chemicals used to grow it or chemicals in it. Companies are even placing dye in salmon for its pink color. Chemicals are injected into our food to enhance colors and prolong the shelf life but is it prolonging our life?

The synthetic chemical used to make the fish pink is well a dang on chemical, thus proving that it is not natural at ALL.. It gets worse…You know that yellow film often stuck on your chicken legs and wings? Well, it is an artificial dye used to color the chicken and eggs…Oh, my is color that important!!!

“Canthaxanthin is also fed to chickens to turn the skin and flesh a pleasing yellow and make egg yolks yellower. Recently food manufacturers began employing a 10 percent canthaxanthin powder as a coloring agent. For example, the giant juice manufacturer Ocean Spray started adding canthaxanthin to drinks like Mega Melon and Pink Grapefruit juice.I have no problem with Ocean Spray; it has clearly labeled the inclusion of canthaxanthin in its juice formula, allowing the consumer a conscious choice to buy the product or not. Its consumer hotline describes this 10 percent canthaxanthin powder as follows: “Canthaxanthin is a red-orange carotenoid pigment from the same family as beta-carotene. Because it is not plentiful in nature, we use it in its synthetic form which is nature-identical. It is not Kosher because of the addition of bovine gelatin which is used as a processing aid.” (Retrieved from the article, Is Something Fishy Going On? http://www.motherlindas.com/is_something_fishy_going_on.htm)…

Well, I am not going to go on a rant urging  you to buy organic but what I want to encourage you to do is to number one, pray over your food and number two start writing to government officials to at least require these distributors to label and LIST ALL ingredients used to  produce a product……We need to at least know what we are eating and several people are allergic to these synthetic dyes and have no idea why they are having insomnia, itchiness, dizziness, depression, anxiety, and even confusion. My advice would be to see your doctor, take an allergy test and remove some of this toxic stuff out of your diet… God gave you wisdom so use it….God does not want us to keep ingesting poison…that’s playing with God…..When you become enlightened carry on in the right way.




Stop Going Back…..

I must admit I have come through some crazy storms and some things that I am honestly ashamed of but its so much beauty in understanding how God kept me and you from  dis-ease and mess by renewing you and me, changing you and me, and saving you and me. Just that thought alone should have somebody in praise and worship mode for the Grace and Mercy of God. Just think for a moment about how God was protecting and covering you even when you didn’t know how to praise and worship him. Now, that alone shows the constant love, patience, and reassurance that only God can give .

When God brought us out of darkness and sat us on solid ground he did not intent on you or me going back and getting stuck in the mentally draining and suffocating guilt, and regrets he gave us literally  a new walk, and talk, to motivate, encourage, and push others to get out of the places we were stuck in; to get out of the dark.

So my sisters and brothers, walk with dignity, believe that this is your season, trust that you are  special to God. Thank him for snatching you up out of darkness, healing you, and moving you towards greatness in Christ. Just Praise God for transformation, peace, and enlightenment and stop going back in your mind, and going back physically to situations that no longer have you bound; situations that you have been freed from….. STOP LOOKING BACK……Walk Boldly in your Deliverance and peace of mind…

Prayer: May God bless all whom past this post with divine understanding, peace and the strength not to turn back to mess; not to backslide; and not to go back to dead people, situations, and things in the mighty name of Jesus. May the peace of God saturate you like never before on this day…

Peace & Blessings,

Deidra R. Wright



We often get lost in trying to fit into situations that were never designed for our greatness, uniqueness and flow as we find ourselves slowly loosing  who God called us to be.

In this season I am encouraging you all to feel confident and secure in being the real YOU. Allow the many gifts that God has placed within you to shine brightly. The time has come for people to get comfortable in their skin; and love their truth. The time has come to be the REAL you without apologies.

Believe it or not there are people being dispatched to you right now, who have heard about your flow, know the real you and wants to connect with it to help assist you with manifesting the vision, and passion that you have been holding onto. This is going to be a divine connections type of season and by faith God is releasing some things that have been blocking you emotionally, some generational binds . Don’t allow your fear of the unknown to deter and stall you.

Believe that this is your season to come out of that shell,  believe that you are worthy of a normal life; a blessed life and begin to embrace your beauty and pursue that vision, and passion that God has given you or will give you clearly in the next couple of days..

And Remember:.. God is cheering for you and have you covered and that is all you need.

Peace & Blessing,

Deidra Rossell Wright




Holding ONTO Mess

Often times the very thing we are holding onto so tightly out of habit and comfort could be the very thing that is holding you back from living your best life; most effective life….I am not saying reject and run from situations, tasks, and people that don’t bend to your every desire. I am saying that if you are in a situation, job, career, or relationship that you know is not a fit for you but you stay anyway out of fear of looking like a failure then you are hurting yourself. In fact, you are slowly dying inside from suppressing your truth, your vision, and your light.

It was time and is time even for me to stop holding onto to mess that doesn’t fit into my space. It’s time to fully embrace the beauty of you in anything and everything that you do, let it be real….It’s time to let go of the suppressing and messy thinking of others, toxic situations, paranoia, and truly walk in freedom as God made you….with your simply fantastic and beautiful self…Now Go and get to shining brightly as your true self and conquer mountains …..

Peace & Blessings to You ALL from Deidra R. Wright

Slide1Deidra R. Wright

Value Yourself

Attention!!!!! Attention!!!!!!

IF YOU……..

Are loosing your identity to make others feel comfortable in their inability to function normally then you need to stop in your tracks and begin to value yourself…

It can be so easy to forget what makes you happy and content as you attempt to tear your emotions and beliefs in a thousand ways to make everybody else feel better besides yourself. Well, this is indeed breakout season and time for us all to VALUE OURSELVES and start finding our way back to happy….


1). Realize that GOD made you just like you are for a reason. Refuse to get caught up up in the toxic mentalities of others..( which is really easy to do…mentalities are indeed contagious).. Be confident and love yourself

2). FOLLOW GOD and not man….AND aim to please GOD not man….following man will have you all jacked up, emotional bruised and confused….







Get Your Happy Back ASAP….

Far too often we get caught up; caught up in being picture perfect that we neglect to live, and laugh a heck of a lot.

I encourage you all to take a break from the drama, man made expectations, and mess that surrounds us daily and begin to breathe and live again. God blessed you with life and wants you to live.

*Treat yourself to the gift of living only to please God and not Man…

May your worries dismantle, may your light shine, may you be who God made you to be without regrets and without stalling… Live!!!!

TOP 5 Get Your Happy Back ACTIVITIES

1). Turn up the music and dance like nobody is watching

2).Laugh with the people you love

3). STOP PLEASING PEOPLE and start Focusing on ONLY Pleasing God

4). Do something DOPE and Creative: Dance, sing, spit, flo, paint, draw, and chill

5). Fall IN-LOVE with who God made you to be….

A message of truth brought to you!!!!




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